Darren Booth.

“I recently renovated the lower level of my house and created a dedicated workspace, along with a music room and woodshop. I love all-white spaces as you can tell, and I’m not even Swedish. Usually I try to keep it clean, but can’t help but have a desk full of sketches most of the time. I enjoy old signage and having some artwork from friends close by. A good mix of modern things with a few accents of old things, like woodblocks, or lunch boxes, etc.. I’m in the studio quite a bit creating work for clients, but I also create all my personal work personal work in there. I also most of my song-writing in there.On any given day, I’m in the studio at least 8-12 hours with a steady supply of Coca Cola. A good office chair is important to own, love the Aeron.”

Darren Booth is an illustrator and typographer based in Canada. After receiving his formal art education from Sheridan College, he worked several years at a day job before leaving to pursue his freelance career full-time. Darren’s work has also been part of group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

FROM YOUR DESKS: What are the cat’s vitals? 
DARREN BOOTH: That’s my cat, Doug. I believe she’s part Maine Coon and I bought her for $20 from the Toronto Humane Society about 7 years ago when they were having a sale on cats. Weird, I know. Best $20 I ever spent.
FYD: What about that guitar?
DB: That’s a Gibson ES-335.

FYD: The Mexican Coca-Cola bottle complete with its “old” formula (the super syrupy version) is readily available these days.  Do you like it out of the can?

DB: Coke from a can is my preference. If I could have a permanent intravenous drip of Coke hooked to my veins, I would.

FYD: How many times have you been asked this one…How did you approach An Object Of Beauty? I saw David Letterman holding the book. Pretty nice endorsement.

DB: I had a lot of freedom to do my thing with Object of Beauty. As per requests for information, I created a blog post giving some further insight.

My resolution is I’m trying to de-clutter my life/house. Mainly by getting rid of shit I don’t need.

FYD: Jimmy Hendricks; did you work out a collage technique on that particular work?
DB: The Hendrix piece was executed the same way most of my pieces are, which is acrylic layered with collage. That was one of the first pieces I used more patterned-collage though, and I think it worked out nicely.

If I could have a permanent intravenous drip of Coke hooked to my veins, I would.

FYD: I’m reading Keith Richards LIFE. He talks in great depth about songwriting. How do you approach songwriting a la your The Black Spurs. Who are your music influences?  

DB: Songwriting is just another creative outlet for me, just like creating work in sketchbooks, or fine art, etc. I don’t know if I have a strict approach for it. It’s always done on impulse though and I’ve got lyrics written down everywhere. I try not to censor anything I say or write because I find that it just clogs up the creative process. The creative process is just as much intuition as it is awareness. Musical influences range from Johnny Cash to Ryan Adams. Kathleen Edwards and Steve Earle are rooted in me somewhere, too, and a producer named Colin Cripps for his perfect guitar tones. I love blues, too.

FYD: I start my New Year on the Chinese New Year (February 3rd; Year of the Rabbit). What are your resolutions?

DB: My resolution is I’m trying to de-clutter my life/house. Mainly by getting rid of shit I don’t need.

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  1. Susanna-Cole says:

    He has a great workspace! Though, I don’t know which I like more, the vintage signage or his $20-on-sale part Maine Coon cat (which coincidentally reminded me of my part Maine Coon (or so it’s been assumed) very-furry-rather-fat rescue kitty, who also fancies lolling about on the floor and asserting herself into my desk space … as I suspect all cats do).

    Furthermore, what a fantastic talent! Darren’s illustration and hand-lettering is delectable.

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