Born in Austin, Texas, Casey Dunn first developed his interest in photography while photographing his friends skateboarding and playing in punk bands during high school. In 2001, he packed everything he owned into a small truck and set out for Santa Barbara, California, where he developed his craft at the acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography. It was at Brooks and under the guidance of some of the most highly respected practitioners of the art where his current focus on architectural photography crystallized.

After living in New York City and working as an assistant to several well-known photographers, Dunn returned to Austin and quickly gained notoriety for both the critical stylistic eye and the technical acumen evident in his work. Between frequent trips to play pick-up basketball and regular treks in search of the perfectly cooked street taco, he has established himself as one of the premier architectural photographers in the region.

While working within the burgeoning creative scene in East Austin, Casey co-founded Public School–a creative collective comprised of designers, illustrators and photographers. He continues to produce work for a select group of local, national and international clients from his home in the heart of Texas.

FROM YOUR DESKS: What time do you work or perhaps what time do you do your best work?
CASEY DUNN: I definitely work best (most efficient) if I can get up here in the morning but I am kind of a night owl so I usually end up working late into the evenings. Cody and I are often the last to leave. I don’t think I am ever the first to arrive.
If you could curate your own pop up shop; name your theme and (5) MUSTS: Whiskey breath and horse feathers” featuring food by Kreuz Market and libations by Pappy Von Winkle (the 20 year variety), all of the furniture from Stag Austin as display racks, a variety of boots (work and cowboy), found vintage objects (books, maps, light bulbs, records, etc), and probably have special corner for some Pendleton blankets and books.

What are your three favorite go-to websites? That’s tough. Archdaily, Inventory Magazine, svpply, Whats the Jackanory, A Continous Lean, Gorilla Vs Bear, etc.

When procrastination sets in, I….go upstairs and start watching Sportcenter and probably fall asleep face down on the couch or if its warm outside I will leave all together and go play basketball.

I’m reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and look forward to reading White Noise.

I currently love the bands…Big K.r.i.t, El Guincho, White Denim, Phoenix (always), Townes Van Zandt (always), Fugazi (always)

On the weekends, you will find me…Swimming, playing basketball, or tinkering around the studio.

Austin, Texas pride is…the same as Texas Pride with a little more emphasis on Swimming, Tacos and Live Music.

Jay B Sauceda: I’m a 5th generation Texan who was born to two working class parents from South Texas. I grew up in a little town called La Porte, southeast of Houston. I went to the University of Texas where I studied political science. All my internships were advertising related though, so after a short stint doing political work I got in to commercial photography. My client list includes BMW, Texas Monthly, Chronicle Books, and The Sunday Times of London.

FROM YOUR DESKS: What time do you work or perhaps what time do you do your best work?

JAY SAUCEDA: For days at the studio I like knocking out all of the boring stuff like emails and organizing in the morning. Lunch is normally the point after which I start doing the creative business. Earlier in the week I’ll end up working late in to the evening. On shoot days though I’m at the whim of the project so will get started whenever necessary.

If you could curate your own pop up shop; name your theme and (5) MUSTS: I get asked to make mixes from my old country music collection a lot so my shop would be music related. The “Set ’em Up Joe” pop up shop would have George Strait’s Strait From The Heart, Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, Townes Van Zandt’s Live At The Old Quarter, Ernest Tubb The Definitive Collection, and the entire Urban Cowboy Soundtrack.

What are your three favorite go-to websites? Gizmodo,Longreads and nfgraphics.

When procrastination sets in, I go for a drive. It’s my favorite pastime.

I’m reading A Short History of Nearly Everything and look forward to reading Blood Meridian.

I currently love the bands…Max Stalling, Landon Dodd and the Red Stick Ramblers.

On the weekends, you will find me…Talkin’ tejano music at Rabbit’s Lounge or working up at the studio.

Austin, Texas pride is…Wearing a cowboy hat and boots as often as possible and remembering that this city was honky tonks before it was hipster bars. Though, I like hanging out at both.

Will Bryant makes stuff as a freelance creative at Public School, an Austin based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers. He completed undergrad at Mississippi State University in December 2008, married his childhood sweetheart in January 2009, and then settled in central Austin. He enjoys drawing, screen printing, blogging, vinyl, painting, sewing, cycling, dancing and 1990s basketball players (just ask about his infatuation with Michael Jordan). Mr. “Fancy Pants” Bryant has recently had the honor to work with Gowalla, Nike, Chronicle Books, K2, and would likely collaborate with you.

FROM YOUR DESKS: What time do you work or perhaps what time do you do your best work?

WILL BRYANT: I used to be a night owl, like most college students, only becoming inspired when I should be asleep. Now I’ve found that times when I do wake up early I am extremely productive, but those days seem rare. Late afternoons have become my most consistent time of solid production.

If you could curate your own pop up shop; name your theme and (5) MUSTS: “Soft &Rugged” featuring Forage Bowties, PenfieldArchival Clothing, Spiewak, and Loyal Luxe. This lineup would feature hand crafted bowties, jackets & outdoor wear, durable bags, and rad stuff for your pets.

What are your three favorite go-to websites? The Post Family, Gorilla vs Bear, and svpply (my tumblr dashboard is filled with wild stuff, check out Cats Purring, Weird Friends and The New Math Club.

When procastination sets in, I...Clean. My desk, apartment, or desktop. Or I find myself working on things that don’t matter, then I trick myself into working on what needs to be done.

I’m reading The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History and look forward to reading a book with more pictures.

I currently love the bands….Balmorhea, Lower Dens, James Blake, Destroyer, and Why?

On the weekends, you will find me …Riding bikes with my wife, playing basketball on the rooftop of a parking garage, or sitting in my favorite chair pretending to read with the balcony door open.

Austin, Texas pride is ….Eating at Frank twice a week.


PUBLIC SCHOOL is a creative studio on the east side of Austin. We share studio space and ideas as well as a fondness for the Mexican food on our side of town.

We work together when the projects call for it and separately when they don’t. Ultimately though we believe in the value of shared experiences and the ability to continue creative growth by learning from those around you.

Our collective and individual clients include Chronicle Books, Conde Nast, Sweet Leaf Tea, Iron and Wine, Baylor University, Ogilvy & Mather, LIVESTRONG, Pearson Publishing, Stussy, Time Inc., NIKE, The University of Texas, The Sunday Times of London, as well as a few other folks.

Collectively, see what’s up with Public School on Facebook + Twitter @go2publicschool

Individually see what’s up with:
Casey Dunn on Twitter @casedunn
Jay B Sauceda on Twitter@jaybsauceda
Will Bryant on Twitter @willbryantplz

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  1. Great post! Big fan of Public School.

  2. Ann says:

    love Casey Dunn’s desk chair (as well as the rest of the post).
    Where did he get it?

  3. Caustic says:

    The whole public school schtick seems very staged. Nothing looks real, genuine. This whole piece reads like a press release, no emotion or questions of matter relevant to the reader. Really surprised you didnt follow up with the’yre favorite food truck to get the complete hipster BS. Boring. But I guess what more would you expect out of Austin.

    • kate donnelly says: (Author)

      Hey Caustic: I can’t answer for Public School but it doesn’t seem staged to me and part of the fun of their world. I’ve never been to Austin and can’t vouch on that front, although I love tacos. So, sign me up. Finally, I’m interested in all variations of the world my questions here were heartfelt and I’m down with the response. If I did PR, I would take a job that paid the bills.

      Thanks for taking a look.

    • Jay Wiese says:

      I don’t think they’re hipsters, they have jobs. Other than DJ or barista, that is.

  4. Carina says:

    Gorgeous post! For some reason, I never knew Public School was in Austin.

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