Tim Gough.

“My studio is an extra bedroom in my row home in South Philadelphia. My neighbor hood used to be predominately Italian, I am surrounded by amazing pizza and hoagie opportunities in any direction. It has pretty much anything you need in a 5 mile radius so I don’t  leave much. I am kept company by my dog Porkchop, he is sleeping at my feet as I write this.”

Tim Gough has been working in Philadelphia as a designer/art director for various agencies and design firms for the past 8 years.  His art is influenced by the screen printed process and mid-century graphics. In 2007 Tim left the agency life behind to pursue illustration and art full time. His work has been found in books, magazines, newspapers, and other ephemera  nationwide  and abroad. Tim also publishes a limited edition zine called ‘Cut and Paste’ a collection of drawings and things.
FROM YOUR DESKS: How do you work? 
TIM GOUGH: I like to constantly have jobs and projects queued up to keep the momentum going. Any break the rhythm or any abrupt change can really throw me off. The Day usually starts of like this: Dog Walk, Tea, Breakfast, News, Emails, and then whatever is lined up for the day.
FYD: Philly certainly seems to attract young talent. Is it home-grown or do people migrate?
TG: I think the talent here is a mixed bag. Philly is really cheap so it makes sense for artist to stay here or move here from a more expensive city. At the same time there a fewer job opportunities here so I feel a lot of talent moves away.
FYD: Will you ever move? 
TG: It’s been on my mind a lot lately. New York has always interested and intimidated me and the West Cost’s awesome weather is always a big draw, especially the Bay Area, it is beautiful out there.

 I am always going back and referencing my personal work to make sure that I am keeping it loose. 

FYD: Rock n’ roll seems to play a part in your work. True? 
TG: Music helps me set the pace for the day and is an integral part of the daily routine. Music is also a hobby and I think it is important to have a hobby when you do something creative for work. It allows you to use another part of your brain and shift gears when you are in a rut. When things aren’t working you need to break the routine.
 Music helps me set the pace for the day…
FYD: Does working on commercial projects help you tap into personal pieces and vice versa? 
TG: Commercial projects have so many requirements or a specified audience that the limitations can actually keep you focused and on point. I think the down side to this is that I tend to play it safe and the work can fall flat at times. I am always going back and referencing my personal work to make sure that I am keeping it loose. I think it is important to constantly be sketching, screen printing, painting and experimenting they all inform each other.
FYD: Cobain. If he were still alive; do you think Nirvana would be mainstream? 
TG: Who knows, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney seemed to survive the grunge explosion. I would like to think that those three guys would still be doing something exciting but I doubt at the level Nirvana was at their peak.
FYD: Do you like Pearl Jam? (Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan)!
TG: Haha, actually never liked Pearl Jam when they came out but just the other week I gave them a listen. I definitely like the two albums after Ten.
I think it is important to have a hobby when you do something creative for work. 
FYD: I’m walking around town with some of your goods. What tee will I don to a movie  and what poster do I take home after the show (note: I eat popcorn, hold the butter). 
TG: I would have to say the More Sacred Tee seems to resonate with everyone so that’s an easy pick. As for posters I would have to pick Night Of The Hunter. This was a collaboration with fellow Philly artist Greg Pizzoli. We showed up a the print studio had a quick discussion and cut the entire thing out of rubylith and picked each color as we printed it. It was very satisfying to create a print as you go and not have to sit in front of a computer.

FYD: You love hockey.  Talk about that love
TG: Hockey is an intense sport, it can be really fast and unpredictable, I think it works for my short attention span. Also if you think about how crazy of a sport it is. Grown men dressed in armor on ice skates on an indoor frozen pond, and they are allowed to fight each other.
FYD: Lost is over. Will you pick up another show? 
TG: I signed up for Netflix. I often stream shows while drawing or painting. I have blown through Party Down, Battlestar Galactica, and just got into Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy, it’s really violent but I’m really enjoying it.

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