Jonathan Harris.

Little things to tell you.

1) There’s a new short (8 min) film about my “Today” project, made by my friend, Scott Thrift.  Scott came to visit me last fall in Vermont, a few weeks after I ended the project, and we made the film then.

2) From June 27th – July 1st, I’ll be teaching a one week class at Anderson Ranch Center in Aspen, Colorado. The class is called “Personal Geographies”, and it’ll be about using technology to explore your life story. It should be a very special experience, given the magical setting.

3) There will be some more fun news later this spring, but for now, I’ll just say that springtime is when baby birds are born.

Jonathan Harris (b. Aug 27, 1979) makes projects that reimagine how humans relate to technology and to each other. He is the co-creator of We Feel Fine, which continuously measures the emotional temperature of the human world through large-scale blog analysis, and has made other projects about online dating, modern mythology, anonymity, news, and language.

After studying computer science at Princeton University, he won a 2005 Fabrica fellowship and three Webby Awards. His work has also been recognized by AIGA, Ars Electronica, the state of Vermont (for which he co-designed the state quarter), Print Magazine (which named him a 2008 New Visual Artist) and The World Economic Forum (which named him a 2009 Young Global Leader).

His work is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art (New York) and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has also been exhibited at Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), The Victoria and Albert Museum (London), and The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens), and has appeared on CNN, NPR, BBC, and Bhutanese television. He has given talks at Google, Princeton and Stanford Universities, the TED Conference, and at two hippy forest gatherings. Born in Vermont, he now floats between Brooklyn, NY, the open road, and cyberspace.

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  1. Stephen Mohammed says:

    I L O V E t h i s b l o g . I n e v e r w a n t i t t o e n d .

  2. Elliot Clowes says:

    I rarely comment, so let me say this first: love the blog. Keep it up! 🙂

    I subscribed to Harris’s ‘Today from day one and receiving his emails once a day quickly became a delight. I really looked forward to it. He is a genuinely good photographer but another reason I loved it so much (and it wasn’t talked about in the video) was for the words that accompanied the photos. He’s a great storyteller and that’s what made the series so great. Some times he just gave us a title, other times he gave us surreal masterpieces of either photographs or words like on December 13th 2009: “… To the fire, there is only the moment, and the potential of where to dance off to next. Maybe in the future inventors will find a way for us to control fire with thought. Then we can replace essays and novels with fires, imprinting our ideas in flame and using the paper instead only as kindling. Then we can send our fires through the wooden world and into the hearths of other people’s minds, where they will entrance and entertain as only fires can.”

    Anyway, like the desk! 😀

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