Duncan Quinn.

Duncan Quinn (DQ) is amoung a handful of people responsible for the resurgence of men’s tailoring in the USA.  Although Duncan hails from London, his formative years were spent learning about life in the South of France. Past and present DQ devotees include alt rockers Green Day, LeBron James, Sean Combs, Adrian Grenier and other celebrities. Quinn continues to be driven by a delight in making unique pieces to the highest standards possible with the finest materials known to man. His clothes are constructed to “celebrate days of glory and nights of excess.” When he has a spare moment he likes nothing more than to sit and watch the world go by in the Cours Saleya, Nice, France.

DQ boutiques are in New York, Miami and LA. Duncan Quinn offers bespoke services and a ready-to-wear collection for men using fabrics from the finest mills in the world.

FROM YOUR DESKS: How do you work?
DUNCAN QUINN: I don’t. I do something I love 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s not work.

FYD: Who opened you to fashion? 

DQ: My first suits were my dad’s old Saville Row suits that didn’t fit him anymore, which is where it all started.

FYD: When did you decide New York needed some proper English fashion?

DQ: Pretty much as soon as I arrived. I had been having my clothes made for years and had a serious habit (100’s of shirts, ties, etc). There was nothing that was well made and at the same time edgy and different.  DQ grew from people asking me to have things made for them that replicated what I already wore. And what I wore was just what I liked.

Manners maketh the man…

FYD: In 2003, you arrived in NoLita on a small stretch of Spring Street. The nabe has blown up and many of the indie stores have closed. Do you like the direction the neighbourhood has taken?

DQ: It’s not the Gap and Abercrombie yet, but it has certainly changed a lot. It’s part naivety on the part of people opening stores and part New York landlords squeezing for every cent.  Not a combination that makes for easy success.

FYD: What do you make of the disciples in the bespoke world that have (quite literally) followed suit to NoLita? 
DQ: They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  I don’t really know much about what they do or who their customers are.  All I can say is we work hard to make sure we go the extra mile for everyone who comes to us for something.  And although imitators have sprung up, I doubt any can match the DQ Rolodex that supports the concierge service that comes with buying bespoke.  We’re really all about the lifestyle as much as the clothing.
FYD: What is the forgotten accessory to accompany a bang up suit?
DQ: A beautiful woman?  I’m not sure accessories are forgotten they just disappear into the mists of fashion only to later return…the tie clip for example right now. For me, it’s all about the co-ordinating accessories…ties, socks, pocket squares, cufflinks, watches, laces…all into a whole that is unique and individual and speaks to an attention to detail.  Manners maketh the man, but what you wear speaks to those who observe before you say a word.
What I wore was just what I liked.

FYD: I often hear a mix of Beatles and Stones coming from your shop at 8 Spring Street. Do you have allegiance to both?

DQ: I have an allegiance to neither, and enjoy both depending upon the mood. Right now the new Arctic Monkey’s Album is playing here. And it’s really rather good.

FYD: What is your favorite Bond film? 

DQ: Probably Dr. No., although there is something interesting in most of them.

FYD: And your favorite Bond? The one in Ian Fleming’s books, to which Sean Connery probably came the closest.  

FYD: For the sake of English football clubs, please declare your team? 

DQ: Aresnal.  

FYD: At least you didn’t say Chelsea.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.
FYD: What are you wearing this summer and what are you drinking?
DQ: If I’m lucky DQ swimshorts, some P20 Sunscreen and Rose D’Anjou. Otherwise a lightweight two piece one button DQ Bespoke Suit with all the trimmings.
FYD: What is your favorite champagne?
DQ: I prefer Burgundy to Ginger Beer with connections, but if my arm is twisted probably Krug of the Vintage and Clouet of the NV. Generally speaking I like the smaller, family produced cuvees to the mass production.
FYD: Might we ever spot you in a pair of jeans?
DQ: Rather more than you might think.  At least until I make myself a proper motorcycling suit.
FYD: Your bike of choice?
DQ: Ducati.  Preferably a cafe racer built by Rich Lambrechts and Jason Michaels.

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  1. Marni says:

    The suits (and the men in them) are so dreamy! A nice suit really can be disarming.

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