“My studio looks like a big mess in the photos, but it’s only on the tables. The floor is clean and I have a lot of big drawers and boxes to store things in.”

HushMitNavn (RememberMyName) Danish artist, b. 1975, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.tumblr_mfskaytMHI1rw95pho1_1280


FROM YOUR DESKS: How do you work?

HUSKMITNAVN: I work in my studio from 8.30 – 4 in the afternoon and again in the evening when I’m home. I don’t work on weekends. In my studio, I try to spend as much time possible drawing and painting. When I’m home in the evening I write emails and draw for various ongoing book projects and also Instagram and Facebook.  I always try to have fun with what I do, but there’s always a ton of practical stuff that needs to be done when you work full time as an artist.

A totally clean city is scary.

FYD: What is your favorite sentimental object at your workspace and why?

HMN: I have a small wooden ship made by some prisoner a hundred years ago, that my dad left me.  He passed away last year.


FYD: What is your favorite or most required work tool?

HMN: A pencil. Most of my work starts with a pencil drawing.

FYD:  Talk about the creative chaos of your space.  Can you find what you’re looking for when you need it?

HMN: When I buy materials, I always buy 10 of each thing. Ten pencil sharpeners, ten rulers and so on. This way, I can always find what I’m looking for.


FYD:  How has your work evolved over the past decade?

HMN: It’s like a real job now but unusual since I can do whatever I like and don’t have a boss. Ten years ago, I worked all of the time when I was not partying. Now,  I try to find time to do other things since the ‘party 3 days a week’ days are over.


Most of my work starts with a pencil drawing.

1-1FYD: How have cartoons influenced your work?  Did you identify with any zany characters or non-American pop cultural cartoon characters?

HMN: I was very influenced by Belgium cartoons as a kid. Lucky Luke and Asterix. And I used to read Donald Duck cartoons when I ate breakfast before going to school. I didn’t care about the text, I just looked at the drawings and made up my own stories.  The way I draw comes from cartoons, but I hate drawing the same character twice, so I create paintings and single drawings instead.

FYD:  What is the graffiti scene like in Copenhagen? 

HMN: The graffiti scene in Copenhagen is alive and kicking. But people are getting old. We need more new blood.

FYD: What do you make of all these cities, like New York, sending out Graffiti Task Forces to erase the art?

HMN: It’s fine when graffiti is buffed once in a while. The city becomes like a fresh new canvas, but a totally clean city is scary.

FYD:  If you could tag in any city besides home, where would we find you?

HMN: Any town in the arctic area of Greenland or Canada. I like it up north.

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FYD:  When you’re not working, what are you up to?

HMN: Because my job description is so loose, I’m focused on leading an ordinary life when I’m not working. Family, friends and bad television take up most of my time.

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