Tatsuro Kiuchi.

“My studio is located on the 3rd floor in a building right by a train station. Since the station is on an elevated railroad, you can ... »

Harriet Seed.

“I share my studio with my boyfriend Matt (Taylor) who is also an illustrator. The studio is the spare bedroom of our house in ... »

Eric Schlakman.

“My desk at Tribal is in an office that features a surprisingly comfortable blue couch that somebody left here, a sunny view of ... »

Amy Jean Porter.

“This is a pretty humble desk, a hand-me-down, from Ikea I think. It’s probably meant to be a kitchen table, though ... »

Fanny Bostrom Gentle.

“My studio is opposite a park in the east Willamsburg…I usually bike there with my dog Sprout in the basket. My husband ... »

Ben Barry.

“This is my desk at home. It’s an illustration that I commissioned from Mikey Burton for last year’s f8 ... »