Marianne Batlle.

"Do it or else! Work requires a lot of patience, that's why it is better to love what you do. "

Adam Stennett.

"When I am working on a show I start to gather objects and images that speak to me or may have something to say. My studio becomes ... »

Paul Anthony Smith.

"I like to stay focused and work on crafting Paul Anthony Smith. My work is a product of who I am and how I've come to see the world. I ... »

Wilson Shieh.

"I like schedule and always work in schedule. I'm always frustrated about my finished work. But soon I recover and think about new ... »

Peter Nguyen.

"My approach to my work is very personal in the sense that I try to solve my own problems. It's probably the easiest way to create - if ... »

Justine Smith.

"I was working from quite early on and made things I couldn’t buy. Sometimes I think it would be good to be around other artists, ... »