Lou Beach.

"I'm fortunate to have such a fine space to work in. The light is beautiful.....I have my books and picture files and music, I'm ... »

Mark Pernice.

"I'm thinking about setting up an office in the shower. Get dressed, COFFEE, work, try to take a break and get outside for a bit, maybe ... »

Ellen Weinstein Talks...

"I work best when I’m unedited, uncompromised and when I can comfortably sit in a space and be uncomfortable, creating something, and ... »

Joseph O. Holmes.

"I used to stumble across some beautiful work desks as I wandered the city, and I'd make a mental note of the location and return in a ... »

Justin Blyth.

"Often times my process involves printing the work out, modifying it physically with xerox machines, collage and scanning it back in. ... »

Kate Bingaman Burt.

"I try to keep the different aspects of my work compartmentalized in order to maintain a bit of sanity. Home Life, Freelance Life and ... »