Mark Mulroney.

"The desk is old, wobbly and hard to work on but I can't see replacing it as it has moved with me for so many years and 1000's of ... »

Johnny Naugahyde.

"Each object or scrap can be a memento, a souvenir or part of a future work. Locations and objects change since I work at home and in ... »

Cindy Greene.

"Regardless of the medium, I start with an inspiration board. I have a magnetic wall in my office that I use to hang images. I pull a ... »

Egg Press.

The shop is very collaborative. All the printers weigh in on new designs, and for the most part we all know what the others are working ... »

Tavis Coburn.

"I work at a mid-century Steelcase tanker desk that I've had since I graduated in 1998. It's probably 60 years old but, in the years ... »

Olaf Hajek.

"I try to decompose the borders between authenticity and thought, South American folklore, mythology, religion, history, and geography. ... »